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The Rise Of Graffiti Writing From New York to Europe
13 Dec. 2017

The Rise Of Graffiti Writing From New York to Europe

Red Tower Films and the German based ARTE Creative proudly presented a special collaboration. Brand new (short video) trailer for “The Rise Of Graffiti Writing from New York to Europe” Make sure you watch this 5 mins video how actually the Graffiti movement started and went all the way to all over Europe, also for more […]

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06 Dec. 2013

Record Shopping a day with Braiden in Berlin // FACT TV //

“Last month FACT TV  spent a day in Berlin with Braiden, seeking out the city’s under-the-radar record stores.This feature started when we asked Braiden, a then London-based DJ who’s released on record labels like Rush Hour and Doldrums, about taking part in an episode of Record Shopping. Turned out he was getting ready to move to […]

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10 Jan. 2013

BAD MEANING GOOD UK Hip Hop Documentary 1987

  Bad Meaning Good is a BBC documentary originally aired on TV in 1987 and put together by Tim Westwood.The documentary provides an insight into how the culture emerged in London and who the key figures in the scene were..The video features Pride, Daddy Speedo, Fly Boy Dee, MC Crazy Noddy, London Posse, Trevor Nelson, […]

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