22 Mar. 2014

Style Machine RAWS ONE // Berlin,Germany // Interview

210 Presents proudly bring the in and outlines interview again ..This time the German Style Machine from the OFF Crew RAWS ONE been asked..Graffiti writer from the German capital and from the “Graffiti Metropolis” Raws has his very own style and of course his graffiti pieces can only be recognized by real insiders.

One thing is always thru, if he have graffiti writer like Raws One graffiti never repeat itself,Thank you RAWS 1. Make sure you check and read the full interview here also watch the videos and the Raws pictures below..Enjoy,Peace
Question Zero : Your Tag and Your crews ?

RAWS ONE – RAWS- Off crew

001..When did you start painting?

RAWS ONE – The first time i had something to do with graffiti was in primary school when i was twelve. My art teacher once integrated graffiti in her lesson. But i really got into it when i was about 14 years old. That’s when i actually started to paint walls. 

002..Where do you get your inspiration from? Are there any writers or other artists you would name that you looked up to, or still do?

RAWS ONE – From all over the place. You know, as a graphic designer you automatically keep an eye on everything that deals with design and lettering. In the graff scene you’re always directly being inspired by others especially by using the internet which makes it possible to follow and check out new stuff all around the world 24/7. Currently i like stuff by Sofles, the weird crew, soten, towns, slider, puaks, atom, dems and so on.

003..Let’s talk about graffiti in Berlin or Germany if that’s possible.You guys seem to travel a lot, so what are your thoughts about graffiti in Europe or the US? 

RAWS ONE – Unfortunately i haven’t been able to go traveling and to paint somewhere else than Germany. To my mind there are not many Berliners who go traveling a lot. One’s simply happy with what one’s got and for Berlin being such a huge graffiti metropolis you not necessarily have to go traveling. But for me that’s one thing on my bucket list doing at least a euro trip. But like i said before, through the internet you can still easily follow what’s going on within the scene worldwide and the internet connects the scene internationally, too as social media makes it easy to get in touch with others from anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact that allows graffiti to develop rapidly in europe and the us.

004..In Europe specially there in Germany a huge train writing scene.Did you do many trans or mostly painting legal ?

RAWS ONE – I’m only doing walls actually. In the past illegal from time to time as well but now only legal. I just love it to take the time and do my wall in peace and fully concentrate on the art.

005..Let’s talk about your style. How would you describe it?

RAWS ONE – I’m doing the “classic” graffiti style. It’s important to me to combine swinging letters with illustrative and/or graphical forms and shapes. Also important to me is to paint very tidy and technical sophisticated.

006..What is your favourite color combinations? What kind of cans do you like to use?

RAWS ONE – I like a purple-turquoise combo for example. Always rocks. Add white and black – perfect! Mainly i paint with montana blacks. Wicked handling, nice pressure and they cover fuckin well! Every now and then i use the mtn94’s, too.

007..Which one is your favourite marker ?

RAWS ONE – Touchmarker

008..What do you think, how will graffiti develop throughout the next years? What’s positive, what’s negative?

RAWS ONE – That is a exciting question. Maybe it ends up being more and more in galleries. Partly some outstanding artists sell their canvas for good money. Have a look at street art, it’s everywhere in galleries now and a Banksy sells for tens thousands of euros. In my opinion that’ll happen to graffiti as well as it is one of the very few art forms that hasn’t been exploited completely yet and has not managed to integrate into the “normal” society. However a part of graffiti will always stay on the street. I don’t wanna judge whether that is good or bad.

009..Canvases or Walls or Trains?

RAWS ONE – Clearly walls! From time to time a canvas as well and maybe even a train somewhere down the road.

010..Let’s talk more about your daily routine.

RAWS ONE – I’m an ongoing graphic designer and therefore it’s pretty much the same. Gettin up early for school every day and there’s always something to do after which doesn’t give me much time for graff during the week but i’m always trying to go painting on the weekends.

011..What was the greatest moment during all the years?

RAWS ONE – When Sink asked me to join his crew. One exciting moment was years ago when i did a roof top and every 5 minutes the cops walked by as there was a big festival nearby. I just layed down flat as soon as they came close and then kept going after they were gone again. Can’t believe they didn’t smell anything i was literally 2 meters above them. Another great moment was when i painted a wall with to old schoolers for berlin. In 2012 i got to do a descent concept wall with Dejoe and Inka, that was a great honour for me. These guys have been painting since the 80’s and had a huge influence on the berlin style.

012..Your pictures are well presented in the internet. There are a lot of writers out there who don’t want their pieces to be published that way. How come, you use this platform to publish your pieces?

RAWS ONE – I guess if your honest you want as many people as possible to see your pictures. Via the internet you’re reaching far more people than through a mag for example. Of course there are guys who only paint for them selves and show their photos only to good friends but i wanna become the most famous sprayer so i fuckin have to go publish my works!

013.. I know is but funny but if you stop writing one day, what would you do then?

RAWS ONE – If i’d stop i’d still be engaged in art and design as it is going to be my job. But i’m not planning to stop doing what i’m doing for the next 100 years.

014..Last word..Shout to ..

RAWS ONE – Thanks for the interview! Regards to all my companions and especially to stan, hocus, dejoe, trun, pekor, skenar, boogie, slider, stick, orbit, yard5, graffitiboxshop, bash, kosem and to everyone i forgot. A special salute goes out to my crew and especially SINK!

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