06 Dec. 2013

Record Shopping a day with Braiden in Berlin // FACT TV //

“Last month FACT TV  spent a day in Berlin with Braiden, seeking out the city’s under-the-radar record stores.This feature started when we asked Braiden, a then London-based DJ who’s released on record labels like Rush Hour and Doldrums, about taking part in an episode of Record Shopping. Turned out he was getting ready to move to Berlin, so we thought it would be interesting to join him on his first week in the city, hanging out and buying records in the best stores he’d discovered thus far. Yes, he’s fresh in Berlin, but that’s the point – there’s enough features like this that deal with wizened city veterans, and we figured it made sense to approach one of Europe’s most musician-friendly cities from the perspective of a new settler trying to look beyond the same old stores.”

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