27 May. 2014

PARALLAX Interview // UK HIP HOP // 210 Presents

Good news people..210 published a fresh new interview with a producer and MC of  UK Hip Hop movement Parallax. 210 presented eleven questions and eleven ansers with London based Parallax, we were talking about the beginning and off coure we were talking about Parallax’s future and his upcoming ‘Depth Perception’ EP..Parallax dropped a visual few months ago, the “Hip Hop Philosophy” single taken from his ‘Depth Perception’ debut EP and it “has had an amazing response, people have really fed off the message and vibe” so now time to read the full interview also you can find the latest Parallax interview on ITCH FM featuring Dj Philly (Trackside Burners Radio Show)..Peace


000. Lets start the beginning ..Where is your name come from Parallax ?

PARALLAX – The word Parallax means a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. My real name is miles and it was a play on my perception being miles apart from the rest. I came up with it when i was younger n it just stuck.

001..When did you know you wanted to be a producer or MC ?

PARALLAX – When i was younger i brought some turntables with my brother, he taught me some of the basics and after that i was pretty serious about djing n turntablisim. Over time i wanted to get into the creative process so i gravitated towards rapping and learning production. A mate of mine was able to use logic so we linked up and i learnt the basics of sequencing. From thier we recorded a few early tracks, that gave me the drive and direction to pursue this. Its been a long road crafting myself as a solo artist but i believe in quality over quality so i took my time to focus all aspects of my craft.

002..Let’s talk about your style. How would you describe it ?

PARALLAX – Energetic, thought provoking, conscious its hard to say as many factors make up my sound but i like to pay attention to detail n give an animated live show!! im influenced by diff types of music but im highly focused on boom bap as a love that golden era authenticity.

003..Your latest video ”Hip Hop Philosophy ” is out did you get any positive or negativ feedbacks on it? Any plans for a new video in the near future from your new EP?

PARALLAX – Hip hop philosophy has had an amazing response, people have really fed off the message and vibe. Been a real positive outcome and a testament to the hard work ive put in over the years to give to the fans a solid debut. It gives people an idea of the level i am coming with! In terms of a new video there will be a second visual coming, you will have to keep an eye out 😉

004..Please tell us about your upcoming “Depth Perception” EP

PARALLAX – Depth perception has been a long time in the making and it displays a benchmark for my lyricism, production & engineering. It represents my independence as a solo artist and i see it as an introduction into the years of hard work i’ve put in to better my craft and deliver a quality boombap release. Depth Perception is a piece of history marking my vision to represent hip hop from the UK on an international scale.

005..Just to give a little hint to the fans before the album comes out what are your favourite tracks from your new EP?

PARALLAX – Thats a tuff one as i like them all and i think they are equally as strong as each other but for now i would say Hip Hop philosophy & Rat race….

006..Would you like working together some one special or icon from the game ? I mean like Producers or Mc`s ?

PARALLAX – I think every mc wants to work with premo so thats standard. Would love to work with nick wiz, he’s an ill oldschool producer from nyc. He makes those classic deep loops with hard dusty drums. Mc wise from the us id love to collab with krs one, nas, dilated peoples etc etc. Uk wise rappers like rodney p, jehst, roots manuva etc…

007..If you are in the Records Shop what kind of records you digging ?

PARALLAX – For that deep 70’s soul or whatever you might come across that looks dope. Its a bit of a guessing game but you can find some gems in the discount sections. 

008..What kind of music on your MP3 player ? I mean what kind of music you are listen daily ?

PARALLAX – Artists ive been listening to on rotation recently have been ppl like: MOP, Common, Freddie gibbs, 9th wonder, action bronson, Afu ra etc etc. A blend of ill hip hop from the golden era all the way to the Nu – school.

009..Favorite female rapper?

PARALLAX – Heather B is one of the illest female rapper ive heard! Real rugged old school sound!

010..Could you tell us any Book,Comic Book,Movie,Graffiti or Break Video or any other Documentary which is your absolutely favourite or changed your life ?

PARALLAX – A book i really enjoyed reading was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Nice story about reaching for your dreams. Definatly a motivational message which helped me push forward with my dreams and goals.

011..Last word..Shout to…

PARALLAX – Shouts to all my fans supporting my music and independent hustle. Also big up to all the artists putting in work as it feels like things are starting to pick up and a good buzz is being created. Lastly shouts to my extended fam Sam zircon, Stinkin slumrok, Esoteric…. etc etc. Too many names to mention 🙂  Peace

DJ Philly – Trackside Burners 36 – Parallax – ITCH FM (25-MAY-2014) by Itch Fm on Mixcloud

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