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Here we are Hip Hop Headzz..210 Proudly presneted an interview with the real legends of the game ..Finsta Bundy and Dj.Primetime exclusive interview here now,sponsored by Planet Rock Graphics PRG Family ..Original Bushwick Style today front of you .Please read this interview and listen the music below..Real Hip Hop ..  


001. First of all ..Tell us few things about your childhood. Where did you grow up?
FINSTA- I was born in an veterans hospital in St. Albans, Queens and raised in Brooklyn. I lived in East New York and Brownsville till around 10-11 years old then moved to Bushwick where I’ve been ever since.
I was born in Bushwick Brooklyn and have lived in BUshwick for the majority of my life.

DJ PRIMETIME- I was born in the UK and at the age of 3 years old my family moved to Bushwick.

002.When did you meet each other and how did you start working together on the Finsta Bundy formation?
FINSTA- I can’t really recall the year but I’ve seen Bundy in the hood and actually went to the same Junior High School for a year with Bundy. It wasn’t till later on, once I was chilling with Evil Dee that I actually got to know him better. We started working together once I had my first single “Finsta Baby”. I met Primetime when he was the dj for Dysfunkshunal Familee.
myself and Finsta lived one block apart for a long time so I’ve always seen him in passing . We even attended the same middle school and had gym class together.We linked musically through our mutual friend Evil Dee when Finsta dropped the” Finsta Baby”single and needed a DJ for live shows .and I met Primetime when he was the DJ for Dysfunkshunal Familee
DJ PRIMETIME-We knew each other because cats used to come hang with Dysfunkshunal Familee writing, making music, smoking and playing video games.

003.What do you think or how do you think back for those days? I mean 90`s and early 2000.
FINSTA- The 90’s were a great time for me because I was able to begin my dream of being an entertainer. I had good friends to enjoy that journey with so I can’t complain. It was the time where I had to learn and focus on what would be  put in front of me. There’s too many memories to speak of that would really explain the 90’s for me. Early 2000’s was a bit of a transition period because the industry was changing.
BUNDY- those were great times . lots of great music , great people, traveling the world, I would go as far as saying these were some of the most memorable times in my life and I loved every minute.
DJ PRIMETIME- Back in those days was alot of fun and real music. The radio played real music and got you into making good music.

004.What do you think about the next generation? Do they have enough respect for the culture and the history or just grabbed the mic and “playing” because it’s fun?
FINSTA-I think there are some in this next generation that keep the culture alive and respect the artists that came before them. I think the ones that are “playing” are the ones that the industry promote and force-feed the public with. Not to say that they’re not serious about what they do but alot of it is popcorn. I’ll just say they doing what they think is good.
BUNDY-there are a few artist in the next generation that seem to be aware of and actually give the respect to the culture and pioneers, I mean there isn’t an overwhelming amount of them but you know things change people change and not always for the better… to keep this in a positive light I’d have to say without all the Bullshit the quality music wouldn’t sound as marvelous.Hey if your thing as an artist is to rehash the same song 1000 different ways then who am I to say anything… We do what we do… they do do…. lol
DJ PRIMETIME- I think they don’t really appreciate what Hip Hop really is. Most just wanna make money and blah blah blah.

005.With your many years of knowledge what advice would you give to all the Mc`s,Dj`s,Beatmakers out there..
FINSTA-I would say be true to yourself, don’t settle for a gimmick and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. You can’t ring something new to the market if you’re always copying what the next artist does.
BUNDY- My advice would be very simple Only make music you feel never go off of what everyone else is doing..
DJ PRIMETIME- My advice is keep up the good work and come out with some good music and not trash.

006..What was the best live show you`ve ever played?
FINSTA- I would have to go back one of the first shows in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I say this show because it was the one that really started it all for Finsta & Bundy and then later on Finsta Bundy. We have other shows I could mention but to me that one meant a lot.
I would have to agree with Finsta the North Carolina show was extremely pivotal in the FinstaBundy movement… It let us Know we Had something people wanted to hear and with that our journey began.

DJ PRIMETIME- The best live show to me was when we were in Zurich around ’96-’97.

007.Are you working on any new projects at the moment ? Please tell us some secret..
FINSTA-We have a full length Finsta Bundy album called “via FB” coming soon as well as a solo album of mine called “WaltGJr” I hope to finally drop and Primetime’s “The Ave pt.2” also. There will we be some other releases we hope to drop on vinyl too so we’ll keep ya’ll posted on that.
BUNDY- We have a slew of projects we’re working on we have the Via FB album, the Walt G jr project ,THe Ave pt.2, we are also working on an EP with a production crew out of  BNC Switzerland “Tru Comers” and your the first ones Im gonna put on about a Super-Group project Im putting together That features Ray Liotta,DMX,Todd Bridges,JoJo(of Jodeci),Paris Hilton and myself It’s named TWC (together we can) lol I will keep everyone posted on that one.
DJ PRIMETIME-I got “The Ave pt.2” in the works. You can cop pt.1 off of itunes right now.

008.Who are your Hip Hop heroes?
FINSTA-Well, Rakim and KRS-ONE put the spark in me to wanna be an mc and when I heard Gang Starr’s “Words I Manifest”, it was a wrap for me, I was hooked on making beats. I actually started making beats before I started to write verses though.
BUNDY-to be honest there are way too many to single any out…  I have eternal love for the pioneers and those that came before us and paved the way.
DJ PRIMETIME-I looked up to Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim, Kid Capri, Marley Marl, and Dj Premier

009.What do you think about the dj`s situation? I mean Serato or Records..
DJ PRIMETIME- I like records because that’s what I grew up on but it’s a new era so you gotta get in where you fit in. Can’t go to a bar nowadays and not see Serato.

010.If you had an opportunity to change something about the Hip Hop industy what would it be?
DJ PRIMETIME- Take all these wack rappers to hell because alot of them sound like trash

011. Hard question in the end try choose between the two icons PETE ROCK or DJ.PREMIER? (I know it’s impossible but if you can give us an answer)
FINSTA-I honestly couldn’t and wouldn’t choose between those two because they were both detrimental to my mindstate as far as making beats and piecing my songs together.
BUNDY- I couldn’t choose they are both ultra-talented and pioneers as well as good brothers… they have shown us love through the years so.. thats my take on this one. Salute!!! Pete Rock and the Big Homie Premo!!! Word!!!
DJ PRIMETIME-That’s kind of hard because they both make good music, classic music. I couldn’t choose.

012.How would you be living your life now if you didn`t turn to the HIP HOP (Have you got any idea)?
FINSTA-Without Hip Hop, I’d probably be singing and making Gospel music. I could see life being not as colorful to me. From graffiti to b-boying to dj’ing to mc’ing to the clothes and overall feeling and vibe, I couldn’t think of too much else that had more of an impact on my life besides the Most High.
BUNDY-Wow I really don’t know what life would be without HipHop… very bland and generic I’d imagine.
DJ PRIMETIME- I’d probably be fucked up in the game because I love Hip Hop.

013.What do you do when it’s time to switch off your brain? I mean in your relaxing time, how do you relax?
FINSTA-I basically just chill. Play some Madden or NBA Live on my playstation or sit back watch movies or play records. Sometimes I’ll just go outside and walk without a real destination, just walk.
BUNDY-My down time usually involves an exotic 420 strain ,family , laughs ,and reflection… Im a relatively simple type dude.
DJ PRIMETIME-I just listen to different types of music besides Rap to relax me, like Jazz, Funk or Reggae

014.Favorite Food & Drink?
FINSTA- My favorite would be sweet potato pie and baked macaroni and cheese. Favorite drink would be anything with liquor in it, lol. Actually, a nice cold glass of lemonade or iced tea.
I would have to say my favorite meal is Red Snapper,Rice and Peas, and any type of vegetable except okra can’t get with the texture and as far as drinks I love Raspberry infused Lemonade.

DJ PRIMETIME- Favorite food would curry goat with rice and peas and give me a corona or Ciroc and mango juice and I’m good.

015.Finally give a shout ..
FINSTA- Shout to my brothers Bundy and Primetime, my family/daughters, friends, all the people who support and have supported Finsta Bundy throughout the years and to you guys(210) for giving us this opportunity, it’s appreciated.
BUNDY-I’d like to Salute!!! you guys over at PRG, the good brother 210 thanks for the patience and opportunity , Finsta ,Primetime, my Brother Owen “The Brain” Marshall for his dedication to the movement,everyone in Bushwick , Brooklyn, Our International FinstaBundy Family, and all that continue to show Love and continued support… It is much appreciated!!! Word!!!
DJ PRIMETIME-Shout out to my kids, my mom and everybody in the hood, everybody in Bushwick and shout to all the fans and everybody that show love.

Please follow FinstaBundyTV on YouTube or go to Finstabundy.com for more information about the crew and also NevaSayNeva and finally don`t forget listen and watch the Bushwick Radio on Ustearm..Big shout Finsta and Bundy & Primetime because we could done this interviews..Respect Real Hip Hop.. Peace

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