07 May. 2014

BEATPETE // Backyard Joints // Interview 210 Presents

 A good news for our regular visitors and all hip hop heads around the planet ..210 proudly presents a fresh new interview with founder of Backyard Joints , German (Berlin) finest and a real strictly vinyl Dj BeatPete , Vinyl Digger, Dj and Records fanatic.also you can find below a guestmix by BetePete specially dedicated to 210 presents.Read the full interview here and listen, enjoy BeatPete mixtapes the below..Peace


001.Where did you name come from and please tell us about yourself..

BEATPETE – I’m a Berlin based strictly Vinyl DJ and co-founder of the monthly Hip-Hop event named Backyard Joints, which takes place at a location called Panke in Berlin Wedding. I run the party together with the DJ/Beatmaker Marian Tone and our night focuses on old and current underground Hip Hop as well as the arts of beatmaking.
I also drop mixtapes on a regular via Soundcloud and I have a YouTube channel where I upload my Vinyl Sessions every 2nd Sunday of the month. In addition I have a Vinyl Session night at Cafe Wendel in Berlin Kreuzberg.
My DJ name was given to me by a neighbor’s kid/friend a long time ago. He used to rap for fun and I would play instrumentals for him. He liked the beats, so he made a joke and the name stuck with me.

002.How did you get involved to Hip Hop Culture and when did you start mixing?

BEATPETE – I started getting into Hip Hop in the mid 90’s, when I first heard the sounds of Pete Rock, ATCQ, GangStarr, J. Dilla and later on J. Rawls, Fat John and the likes, who greatly affected me in my love for jazzy Hip Hop and beatmaking in general. After listening and watching all these guys I became more and more interested in the art of DJing and creating mixtapes. I got my first Technics around 2000 and from this point on it was learning by doing.

003.Are you a regular customer in your local records shops and how many hours spend in any records shop ? 

BEATPETE – I order most of my records online and pick them up at the HHV store the next day. Most of the time I dig a little in the store as well. On occasion I go record shopping at some other shops in my hood. When I go travel, I try to pick up some vinyl at the local record shops as well, my way of souvenir shopping.

004. Have you got favourite record or records in your collection ?

BEATPETE – No. I love them all.

005.What is your favourite Record label ?

BEATPETE – I don’t have only one favorite. But if I have to pick a few, labels like Redefinition Records, Blue Note, Akromégalie Records, the old Stones Throw stuff, King Underground…are some of my favorites.

006..Please tell us your Favorite Beat makers and Favorite Producers? (All around the planet.)

BEATPETE – Like I said, it’s hard to choose, but to name a few, I dig Damu the Fudgemunk, Klaus Layer, Wun Two, Twit One, Ill Treats, Clutchy Hopkins, K-Def and the list goes on…

007.Your regular “Vinyl Sesson” is rally famousnow and m sure so many people listen and wacth them all the times… How did you start your regular “Vinyl Sessions” ?

BEATPETE – I got inspired by the Mellow Music video podcast and I wanted to go in the same direction, but to present more new underground Hip Hop and Beatmaker stuff mixed with some classic material. I include my monthly pick ups together with the vinyls in my crates. A lot of the artists I present in my vinyl sessions have been or will be guests at the Backyard Joints nights.
I had put it up on vimeo, but that didn’t work that well. My girlfriend started a YouTube account for me and from there it caught on. Big thanks to HHV for supporting the sessions!

008.Have you got favourite one of your previous released “Vinyl Session” series or mixtape ?

BEATPETE – Not really. I guess always the newest ones since they included my latest pick ups.

009.Any information about your future releases,I mean are you working any new project now?

BEATPETE – More vinyl sessions, more mixtapes and hopefully an actual mixtape cassette in the future. The main focus lies on the Backyard Joints party. It’s been going on for about a year and a half and we want it to be a stable for the underground Hip Hop that we love, giving artists who might not be that well known the platform they deserve. Since the birth of our party we’ve had guests like Klaus Layer, Simiah, Freddie Joachim, J-Zen, Brous One, Wun Two…and in the near future we’ll have Ill Treats, A Cat Called Fritz, Beatvadda, Dude&Phaeb,…always on the look out for more dope artists.

010.Would you like working together some one special or icon from the Hip Hop movement ? I mean  Producers,Dj’s or Mc`s ?

BEATPETE – Quasimoto

011..What do you think, how will change the dj’s the next years? What’s positive, what’s negative?

BEATPETE – I don’t really think about that kinda stuff. I buy vinyl and enjoy spinning the music that I love. That’s pretty much it, never was interested in Serato, etc. to each their own, I don’t condemn it, but I like my vinyl, the covers, the digging.

012.How did you celebrate this year the Records Store Day ?

BEATPETE – Every day is record store day. I was sitting on my couch, listening to vinyl. It’s too crowded on that day.

013.Could you tell us any Book,Comic Book,Movie,Graffiti or Break Video or any other Documentary which is your absolutely favourite?

BEATPETE – Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage) is one of my favorite movies.

014.Thank you for the interview and tell your Shout to…

BEATPETE – All my listeners, my Backyard Joints partner Marian Tone, Klaus Layer, Lex, Parental & Le Makizar (KALHEX), Simiah, HHV.DE , G-Cut, the sample-wizard Sebastian, Charles (Dooinit Music), J-Zen, HiFilLab & Djeez (HitYaWitThat), Panke, Sotah, DJ Shorty82, my girl Inken and everyone I may have forgotten.


210 Presents proudly bring the real for all you Hip Hop heads. 210 Presents Guestmix mixed by the one and only BeatPete (Backyard Joints) from the German capital Berlin. BeatPete guestmix featuring Kankick, Mr.Thing, Ill Treats, Odd Goons, Ray West, OC, Talib Kweli, MF Doom, a Catz Called Frity and many more. A real strictly vinyl dj. Guatanteed 100 per cent real hip hop.Listen and enjoy below..Peace 

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