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Hello Hip Hop Headz 210 Presents legendary Masta Ace from Brownsville Brooklyn NYC @Cargo London 01.05.2013 Support by the High Focus Records artists Fliptrix,Verb T and Dj.Madnice.Doors open 7pm and on the Decks Simiah from KingUnderground Records after the 1999 ITF Champion Dj.Jazz T..More information  below.Peace



 Hosted by MICALL PARKNSUN (YNR-Productions) UK

Decks: DJ JAZZ T 1999 ITF Champion (Boot Redords) UK

 SIMIAH (KingUnderground Records) UK

 210 (RH,210 Presents) HU

Planet Rock Graphics (PRG) 2013 collection will be also available to buy and Micall Parknsun`s T-Shirts is on sale at the venue. Web-shop : www.planetrockgraphics.com 

Venue: CARGO 83 Rivington Street,Shoreditch, London Buses : 26, 35, 47, 48, 67, 78, 149, 242 to Shoreditch High Street Tube Station : Old Street Station or Liverpool Street Station Overground : Shoreditch High Street Station Tel : 020 7739 3440 Doors: 7pm – 00:30 

Tickets : www.skiddle.com Advance £10 and on Doors £18 Available here : http://www.skiddle.com/events/11824472/

Any question info@210presents.co.uk FlyerDesign by Shabe Contact : shabedesign@gmail.com

 MASTA ACE  American rapper from Brownsville Brooklyn NYC, Masta Ace became a hip-hop DJ in the 70s before adjusting to MC status by 1983. He won a rapping competition two years later which earned him studio time with producer Marley Marl, before a collegiate interlude followed. He contributed to the In Control Volume 1 set by Marl, and the latter’s label, Cold Chillin’ Records, offered him a recording contract. His 1990 debut album, Take A Look Around, was fuelled by Marley Marl’s funk throb and included the hit duet, ‘Me And The Biz’. Songs like ‘Brooklyn Battles’ attempted to look through the blood and rage circus of urban decadent rap. Masta Ace had earlier contributed to the Brand New Heavies’ Heavy Rhyme Experience: Vol. 1. His second album, released under the Masta Ace “Incorporated”. The title-track, ‘Slaughtahouse’, a clever parody on the absurd machismo of gangsta rap: ‘99 rappers wanna kill to sound ill, You couldn’t find their brains with a drill’. However, the graphic presentation of the video failed to impress MTV who banned it. The album also included the radio hits ‘Jeep Ass Niguh’ and ‘Style Wars’. Masta Ace enjoyed more success with the Crooklyn Dodgers project with Special Ed and Buckshot of Black Moon, scoring with the Spike Lee soundtrack single, ‘Crooklyn’. His third album featured the radio hit ‘Born To Roll’, but following its release little was heard of Masta Ace in the mainstream media. He remained busy on the underground scene, however, releasing a series of singles and collaborating with several artists. The rapper broke his album silence in 2001 with the release of “Disposable Arts”..

“Disposable Arts” became one of the most acclaimed underground hip hop releases of 2001, beloved for its pure hip hop style and clever album concept, which served as a fictional story, chronicling Ace’s time spent at a satirical rap school named the “Institute of Disposable Arts”. JCOR Records folded soon after the release, leaving it out-of-print, until being re-released in 2005 on Ace’s self-established M3 label. The album closer, “No Regrets”, led many fans to believe that it would be Ace’s final album, because of the line “I Don`t Know If It`s End,But Yo,It Might Be” Ace killed the rumors by returning in 2004 with his fifth album “A Long Hot Summer” another highly acclaimed effort. The story concept, similar to that on his last release, served as a prelude to the story told on “Disposable Arts”, chronicling the “Long Hot Summer” that led to his character’s incarceration at the beginning of the “Disposable Arts” album. Rumors once again spread about a retirement, which were again squashed, when Ace announced the formation of his new rap crew named eMC including himself, Punchline,Worsworth. Ace remarked in a December 2006 interview that he would no longer record as a solo artist, only with eMC.

eMC’s first group album, “The Show” was scheduled for early 2007 but was released in February 2008 digitally and April 2008 physically. In 2007, Masta Ace had a track included on the “Official Joints” Official Mixtape, a compilation of previously unreleased tracks by various NYC rappers.In 2009, Masta Ace joined forces with legendary Boston rapper Edo G to release “Arts & Entertainment” which was released on November 3, 2009.”Arts & Entertainment” got shortened to A&E which resulted in the cable TV channel A&E asking Masta and Edo to remove the symbol from their original album artwork. The albums already printed have been sold at live shows following the release of the record.In 2011 and in 2012 he coaches high school football for the Irvington Blue Knights in NJ. In 2012, Masta Ace is set to release “MA DOOM Son Of Yvonne”, produced entirely by MF Doom, as well as a 10th anniversary release of Disposable Arts, featuring new recordings of songs from the album with a Live Band.. The same site interviewed Masta Ace and he explained that “Son of Yvonne” helps him put across the things he didn’t get to say to his mother before she died. The beats on the album are sourced from the “Special Herbs” series of instrumental mixtapes by Metal Face..Doom did not directly collaborate with Masta Ace in the production of this album, instead merely signing off on the beats. The album features appearances from the legendary Big Daddy Kane, Pav Bundy, Reggie B, Milani the Artis and a verse from MF Doom. The album was released on July 17, 2012 via M3 Records and Fat Beats Records.

Website : http://www.mastaace.com/
Discography : http://www.discogs.com/artist/Masta+Ace
Twitter : https://twitter.com/mastaace
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Masta-Ace/108133575874847?fref=ts

FLIPTRIX  has spent the last few years of his life defining his position as one of the most forward-thinking emcees in the game.Founder of UKHH stalwart High Focus Records, Fliptrix can lay claim to being one of the key players in the re-birth of a scene that lost its way ever so slightly. Running on nothing but positive vibes and a firm belief in the music, everything he has put his mind to has come good in one way or another; launching High Focus Records, establishing his own successful studio and High Focus HQ, clocking over a million hits (and counting) on his HFTV YouTube channel, releasing a string of seminal albums and selling out venues.

Force Fed Imagery set the standard in 2007, Theory Of Rhyme expanded the axis in 2010, The 4 Owls saw Fliptrix’s creative output explode in 2011, and Fliptrix’s third solo venture ‘Third Eye Of The Storm’ looks set to push Fliptrix to even higher heights in 2012.

With Fliptrix’s music clocking heavy rotation in the UK on BBC Radio 1Xtra and in the states on DJ Premier’s radio show on Live From Headquarters, as well as gaining press coverage in RWD, ATM, Echoes, DJ Magazine, Q & Clash not to mention a plethora of projects, videos, tours and festival dates in the pipeline for Fliptrix and the High Focus roster in 2012 and beyond, it is more an issue of how high, rather than what next? The UK is listening, so Fliptrix has turned his attentions to the rest of the planet. After a string of hugely successful adventures in Croatia with Outlook Festival, and fresh off the back of a High Focus showcase in Hungary, as well as supporting acts such as Raekwon (Wu Tang) & Ra Rugged Man it is evident that the confines of the United Kingdom are too small for this artist.

It is clear with Fliptrix’s third solo outing that progression is key. Everything that Fliptrix affiliates himself with represents progression. In essence ‘Third Eye Of The Storm’ is his opus; the third installment in his trilogy. Whether it’s the all-star list of collaborations peppering the record or the live instrumentation courtesy of Runone, everything represents growth. This might sound like a full stop, but it would be silly to expect Fliptrix to rest on his laurels. Two years in the making, Fliptrix’s third album is just a taste of things to come. He can enjoy the luxury of cultivating new talent on his High Focus roster, but writing is an addiction and Fliptrix’s rhymebook will continue to bulge with thoughts, concepts, couplets and multi-syllables.

Website : http://www.high-focus.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/mrfliptrix
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fliptrix/128418582181?fref=ts

VERB T is a UK hip-hop artist and producer based in London also a member of the group The Four Owls . He has worked with most of the biggest names in UK Hip Hop including Jehst, Sway, Harry Love and many more. Verbs is an artist with a unique style and lyrical outlook embracing classic 90′s U.S Hip Hop as well as experimenting with new styles with his own production. Noted influences include artists such as Slick Rick, Al Green, De La Soul, and Jimi Hendrix. Verb T music has covered topics of social awareness, paranoia, drug addiction and self improvement. In the late 90s an underage Verbs frequented open mic nights across London while also recording his 1st demo songs with friend and producer Harry Love. After his debut single (Ill Behaviour Ape Man Records 1999) and numerous appearances on mix tapes by DJs such as MK (Roots Manuva/Kiss FM) Verbs started gaining a reputation for his story raps and humorous skits which showcase a deep and slightly twisted sense of humour. In 2002 Verb T had his first release on the UKs best known and arguable, at the time most credible Hip Hop label Low Life Records again with Harry Love (‘Showbitchness’ 2002, Low Life Records). Happy with Verbs drive and work ethic Low Life owner Braintax invited Verb T to start recording a full length project with rapper Kashmere with whom Verbs had just started touring. The result was the critically acclaimed ‘Backhand Slap Talk’ album (lowlife 2002) which took Verb t and Kasmere (along with producer/DJ Ghost) touring all across the UK as well as dates in France, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Holland, Greece, Switerland and the USA. After performing at hip hop Kemp in 2006 Verb T began featuring on albums and mixtapes in both the UK and US independent scene appearing in albums alongside acts such as Sway, Jehst, Ed O.G, Royce Da 59, Task Force, and many more. 2006 was also the year Verb T and Harry Love finally released their long overdue album ‘Bring It Back To Basics’ on Silent Soundz records, regarded by many as a classic album. Verb T would follow that in 2007 with the ‘Broken Window’ album produced by The Last Skeptik. ‘Broken Window’ was again released by Silent Soundz and described by Hip Hop Connection magazine as “an illuminating snapshot of an artist gliding effortlessly towards that next level” and Metro newspaper as “proof that the voice of Hip Hop is ever evolving and expanding”. In 2008 Verb T released ‘Verbs With A Vengeance’ which was the first album to showcase his production. Verb T’s latest album ‘Serious Games’ was released in 2010 on YNR Productions and was partly produced by Verb T himself. Verbs’ Production skills were also showcased on the two EP’s ‘Self Ish’ and ‘Self Less’ released digitally on his Bandcamp page and all major digital outlets.

In 2011 Verb T formed a group with artists Fliptrix, Leaf Dog and BVA MC, known as The Four Owls. The lead single Not Like Before and following album Natures Greatest Mystery have seen The Owls touring solidly in the UK throughout 2012. The new Verb T album ‘Morning Process’ is due out October 2012 on High Focus Records.

Website : http://www.high-focus.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/realverbt
Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Verb-T/127505310669368?fref=ts

MICALL PARKNSUN is a complex man. This loving husband and proud father of three is a self-confessed Hip Hop junkie, recalling the Golden Era of US Hip Hop as the catalyst for his musical endeavors.Micall (pronounced Michael) aka Parky rose to infamy with the release of his critically acclaimed debut album “The Working Class Dad” in 2005 and the underground anthem “Dunya” the lead single from Jehst’s production album “Underworld Epics Vol.1. His sophomore album “First Second Time Round” hit stores in the summer of 2009 a perfectly rounded set, chock-full of beat-driven bangers put a modern-twist on the classic Hip Hop sound. With a wealth of experience, both in the booth and on-stage, Parky has firmly established himself as one of the most exciting and dynamic MC’s to emerge from the UK with his captivating stage presence, unmistakable rugged voice and effortless flow.His latest album “Me Myseld And Akai” is entirely self-produced and showcases Micall’s skills on the MPC as well as the mic. With a campaign that has included tour support for legends like Lord Finesse, Wu Tang’s GZA and Pete Rock & CL Smooth, not to mention co-signs from Just Blaze, DJ Premier and 9th Wonder, Parky is ready to put his name up on the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame… in permanent ink!

Website : http://www.ynr-productions.co.uk/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MicallParknsun
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Micall-Parknsun/123387967736?fref=ts

DJ JAZZ T Member of Diversion Tactics UK Hip Hop group.From the dusty-fingered beats of Diversion Tactics debut 2002 album “Pubs, Drunks And Hip-Hop” their second album ‘Careful On The Way Up’ was released in 2010 on the Boot record label The new album features production from, obviously, Boot but also The Last Skeptik, Beyond There and J-Zone. Guest verses will be heard from HD Gritty, English, Freestyle, Tim Dog (R.I.P.), Percee P and amongst others.The Boot remix of Percekusion is out June 2008 on 7”.

After the critical success of Zygote’s ‘Beats To Make You Frown’ Jazz T is due to release the solo album “All City Kings” been released in August 2008.This album features Jazz T on the cuts, and has appearances from the likes of Buddy Peace, Percee P, Tim Dog (R.I.P.) and Kashmere, as well as featured co-production from people like J-Zone. A pretty all-star cast on a killer record. Jazz T and Zygote produced Kashmere a.k.a. Galaktus “Power Cosmic” Album aswell which is been released and produced by BOOT Records and the 1999 ITF Champion winner DJ Jazz T also DJing for Jehst,Micall Parknsun performances.

Website : http://www.bootrecords.co.uk/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/jazzt71
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/jazzt.diversiontactics?fref=ts

SIMIAH Been DJing for 10 years and making music for about 5. Having studied music at Northampton College and then Nottingham College of music, Simiah shows great technical ability as well as a raw talent for production. ‘Pretty much my whole student loan went on records’ confesses Simiah. He is a true beat addict in every sense of the word.With a likeminded passion for hip hop Simiah joined forces with the cloudy mind beat crew which includes artists, Mr Brown, Ernest Herb, Pings and Silk Cuts. Simiah has a free mini album you can download on the KingUnderground Bandcamp page that gives you a taste of what to expect from this talented individual.A true student of the greats, Simiah puts his heart and soul into music and will continue to push his tripped out style and forward thinking sound through the airwaves. Weapon of Choice: MPC 2500

Website : http://www.kingunderground.com/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Simiah/152442054785270?fref=ts

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