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30 Jul. 2013

BANKAI FAM “is like a bunch of sharp swords” INTERVIEW

001..All right .Let`s start at the begininng ..BANKAI FAM has got so many members can you tell us few words about the the whole FAM and members please.. (Mc`s,Dj`s Producers) Bankai FAM is like a bunch of sharp swords stabbing you at the same exact time #1 is P.General the quiet but deadly dude laying in the […]

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13 Jul. 2013


Yess Hip Hop headz another interview by 210…New York based (Manhattan) DXA Records finally has arrived here .210 proudly presented this 12 questions interview with those four members who created together DXARMY (Triple C,DFace,Doom Peace and Icerocks) been ask about few thing their past and future. Planet Rock Graphics Family was part of this interview because the members […]

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04 Jul. 2013

DJ HARRY LOVE “Summer Bay Mixtape” OUT NOW

“Collaborations don’t get much bigger than this. Not only have Le Coq Sportif & Sneaker Freaker Magazine produced a beautiful, limited edition colourway in the LCS Flash Summer Bay, but we’re throwing the launch event, and DJ Harry Love (Scratch Perverts) has produced the soundtrack. That’s a huge 4-way collab!July 5th will see the official […]

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